Knowledge is the New Energy Your Business Needs
Knowledge is the New Energy your Business Needs

Data is a raw resource that needs to be refined, like oil or any ore. Data exists in basically 2 types: structured and unstructured. Structured data seems the easiest because it is, by essence, structured. However, it may need to be contextualized, metadata will need to be built or discovered to ensure a maximum of results. Unstructured data can be vile, but also bring a whole new dimensions like sentiment analysis on texts, using NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology.

From all those data points, we will be able to create information. Information is less raw, more consumable, like reports. However, information can be further enriched and refined to build knowledge.

Knowledge is your business’ core. Mastering your knowledge helps your organization processes, history, survival, retention… Knowledge is not the last step of the data evolution: we can go further in the pursuit of insights and, maybe, wisdom?

To help your business find its way to business to acquire more knowledge, contact us.

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