Things in a Connected World
In a near future, all things will be in a connected world

More and more things are being connected to the Internet. We are all contributing at building the Internet of Things. But what happens when you, as a developer, want to know what happens on this connected t-shirt? The t-shirt itself is not a server waiting for connections to come.

This is why, for a customer of ours, Oplo designed and deployed an innovative IoT hub solution. The hub receives information from things all around the world, some fix, some moving. The hub collects those billions of datapoints and offer them to developer for consumption, allowing a quasi real time interaction with the devices, as well as historical data.

Technologies used: Python, Java, Java EE, Apache Tomcat, MQTT, Informix, MongoDB, AngularJS, JavaScript, Linux, Raspbian, Raspberry Pi, Cubietruck, CentOS, Windows, MacOS, Shell, XML, JSON, and more.

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